It was fun!
We went there in January 2019 by cab. The journey was very mesmerizing. I could see many things on the way, and whenever I go to Rajasthan, I love seeing the Aravalli Hills. When we reached Ranthambore, we first went to the Ranthambore Fort. The guide gave us so much information about the fort, its structures, its kings etc. Also, there were many lakes there and many temples too. We even went to a temple dedicated to Lord Shiv, where a king of Ranthambore sacrificed his head to the Great Lord. I just loved the stories. You see, I love listening to historical tales. Then we went to one more temple. Oh, there were so many Langurs and Monkeys there!
Then we went to the hotel. It was a nice and cosy place. I wanted to swim in the pool, but it was winter. In the evening, we sat around a bonfire and watched performances and talked with other people. It was a fantastic experience.
The next day, we went to the Ranthambore National Park. Oh, It was mind-boggling! There were many animals and birds there. I also saw the famous tigers of Ranthambore. I even saw a tiger trying to hunt a deer. It was so cold that it was piercing through my skin. But it was a fantastic experience.
Then we came back to Delhi. I loved the experience and will not forget it ever!

Ranthambore’s Scenic Beauty
A tiger
A deer
A weaver bird’s nest